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I know blogging is still a big thing… but honestly? It takes a lot of time and effort. And, if you don’t have a good platform for your blog, it’s just a big pain in the ass. So, like this guy above, I’m gonna kick back, read a book or two, and let you all go to my Facebook fan page from now on. You can buy the books and contact me there. WordPress is not user friendly either! Pbbblllt.


Where Did The Time Go?

EVE Coming Soon

Oh. My. Gosh. I have not written a post here since the beginning of the year! Well, lots of things going on but let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?

First, the screenplay for the featured length adaptation of EVE is complete. It has been given to an industry professional who is currently shopping it for agent representation. Additionally, the script has been uploaded to The BlackList, a website for film professionals and writers. This site has paid subscribers, so they’re on a bit more serious endeavor. Two evaluations for the script are currently underway 🙂

Lastly, I’m in discussion with a local publishing group to have some representation for The Elusive Trilogy. While the company is small, they have quite a bit of clout in this area. Also, the books are finally available at the Oregon Bookstore, a quirky, fun little shop that focuses on local lore.

Oh, and I’ll be attending the International Bigfoot Conference in Kennewick, WA, in just a couple of weeks. I’ll have a vendor table where signed books and other goodies will be available. Hope to see you there!!

That’s all for now………….. ~JM

The Long Road with Rival Studios


Two years ago, my world changed. It wasn’t just that I had published a wildly popular bigfoot book (EVE), though that rocked my world pretty good. It was also that the book – the story – had captured the attention of a production studio. The main dude, Dominic Orozco, was enthralled with Anna and Eve’s journey. How utterly cool is that in and of itself? The next thing he did was blow my mind: he wanted to option EVE for the big screen. SAY WHAT?? O.M.G and WTH along with a myriad of other disbelieving sayings and acronyms flooded my brain. I could barely comprehend that this little story, this burst of crazy imagination from me, could become a FILM?? :O

We’ve come a long way since then. We (Cask Studios/Long Road Film Company) made a short film in June, 2014, which had over 50,000 views on the internet and was entered into several film festivals. It’s a fabulous piece and it gave everyone a taste of Eve and Anna’s existence. [You can see the film here – click on “The Film” tab!] Next, we started mapping out the screenplay, scene by scene. Now, we’re in the big league. The script will be done in just of couple of weeks by Dominic! He was co-director on the short and his vision for the film is simply stunning. We even have our cast selected. After that? We pitch our product. I may be biased but if ever a bigfoot film should be made, it’s EVE.

Thank you to everyone who has made this such a joyful and exciting success. Here’s to the feature film!

And Suddenly….


[Photo by JM Bailey]

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Life can get so crazy!

I’m knee deep in editing ELUSIVE (a special shout-out to Megan Hurt-Ems for all her assistance!) and it’s coming along in a spectacular fashion. I think (hope) this will be the best so far. I promised a new excerpt this weekend so here you go! In this chapter, Anna’s husband David is following a giant sasquatch’s trail in hopes it will lead to his wife. On the way, the sasquatch catches a giant fish, which makes David think he can do the same. Enjoy!

Copyright 2015 J.M. Bailey. All rights reserved.

“One day, they camped near a lake. David watched as the sasquatch entered the water, wading in to chest level. At first, David thought he would bathe but then in a flash of movement, the giant creature pulled up a huge Kokanee—a land-locked salmon. It must have been a twenty pounder! David became excited for fresh fish, waiting hungrily by the water’s edge. David’s jaw dropped and he shook his head in exasperation as he watched the entire fish be devoured with no offer to share. Once the idea of fresh salmon was presented, David could think of nothing else the entire afternoon. Taking the time to bathe and wash out some clothes, David’s engineering brain calculated the odds of getting his own salmon with no real gear. He tried anyway. Rigging up some twine, he used a safety pin and curved it into a large hook. Using a sturdy branch and some berries as bait, David cast the line out and waited. He got a few nibbles before a giant tug almost ripped the branch from his hand. Struggling with his hokey fishing pole, David knew the likelihood of landing the fish was slim. Cursing under his breath, he fought until the line whipped back smack into his face with such speed, David toppled onto his butt. Before he could recover, he realized the beast was off to the side of him, watching. The huge sasquatch huffed in amusement and walked off.”



It used to be fun…. scrolling through web and social media sites for all the latest regarding the mysterious creature called bigfoot. I used to love reading the sightings reports on the BFRO website. Or, going to the Facebook Find Bigfoot page and watching their video breakdowns. Then there was Bigfoot Evidence!! Wow… “the world’s only 24/7 news site…” I stayed in obscurity, not signing up for social media or electronic newsletters. It was the way I liked it.

In the old days, there were just books. I remember pouncing on any newly published ones I could dig up in the library – or better yet, found on the bottom of the paperback rack at the local drugstore. It was also fun because there were just a handful of “experts” – the guys who actually went into the woods to search and investigate. Ah, those were the days. That was the time everyone thought bigfoot was just some kind of strange, giant ape roaming around the forests in the remote areas Pacific Northwest and Northern California.

Boy, have things changed. At the tap or click of a finger, there is simply too much information. I am in the thick of it, too. After publishing my books, I didn’t have much of a choice. The more I’m involved, the more it becomes comically apparent most of what’s out there isn’t even information! It’s opinions and ideas–many of which are touted as “truth.” I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: no one is an expert on bigfoot/sasquatch. NO ONE. It hasn’t been proven yet. Many proclaim they have their own proof. Okay, well, I am a scientist by nature so unless you can present such evidence in a manner that will allow establishing the species among the scientific population (as well as the general), it’s just not evidence in the true sense of the word.

Not that I’m ungrateful for wondrous imaginations. I am very grateful. Without them, I would have no beef to add to EVE, IRON MOUNTAIN RIDGE and now, ELUSIVE. However, my books are fiction. I don’t have any basis for the story other than my own homemade stew of ideas, imagined scenarios and crazy thoughts. Add some of the maelstrom that is bigfootery today, and the sky is the limit as far as what you want your bigfoot to do.

People like to say “anything is possible.” No, it’s not. Some things are possible but then you have to ask IS IT FEASIBLE?? Therein lies the problem. Our brains can make up stuff that is entirely not possible and in no way feasible. It’s one of the things that make our minds so unique and cool (mostly).

Now, I’m going go write some mind boggling fiction. 😀

The FEAR Factor

William maye

So, the new year brings new adventures.

I’m planning a return trip to the coastal redwoods in extreme northwestern California. It’s an amazing place up there–wild, remote, uninhabited, and a place where many alleged bigfoot encounters have been documented. As I continue to do research for the last book, ELUSIVE, I’m trying to re-capture the “magic” and mystery of EVE. I’m not sure I want “magic” now. Mystery? Of course.

In continuing the research and reading for ELUSIVE, I’ve gone down a harsh road reading and listening to encounters that have aggressive elements. It’s scary and disturbing to hear some of these alleged incidents. Is that the kind of mystery I want? I started off with plenty of that in EVE. However, as I progressed, I definitely went down the human-like path with the bigfoots. Otherwise, I felt it would become too monstrous. Is there a happy medium? I have no idea! I like to think I captured a good essence in my books but no one really knows, right? I mean, my books are fiction. Sure, you hear about people who claim this or that, but until we have definitive proof of their existence, only then can we begin to document their behavior.

I just did a post on Facebook regarding how better to prepare oneself for a possible encounter. I’m a soloist, which means I rarely go out in the woods with others. Usually, it’s just me. Risky? Yep. But it’s the way I choose to roll. Now that I’ve heard/read some alleged encounters with aggression, I’m not so sure….

I’m a risk taker. As I tell my husband at opportune moments: “If something happens to me while I’m out on one of my excursions, just know I was doing it the way I wanted!” That doesn’t mean there won’t be a fear factor involved.

Till next time.

The End of an Interesting Year!

beard guy

[Image credit unknown]

Putting a negative spin on the world may make it look cool but really it’s really just to hide things. And WOW did the “bigfoot community” show it’s true negativity this past year, eh? From extreme trolling to fake and abundant hoaxing to the Canadian who thought his 15 minutes of fame would span 15 years or more, there’s been no lack of entertainment.

There’s been much ado about all of it on the internet and social media and I won’t belabor any more of it here. There are more important things to focus on. 2014 saw the publication of IRON MOUNTAIN RIDGE, the sequel to EVE. It also saw the production of the short film, EVE by Cask Studios/Long Road Film Company. What a blast that was! Filmed in the Tahoe National Forest of northern California, we managed to put together a 20 minute AWESOME film in just 3 days. The first release was at the end of August while I was at Bigfoot Days in Willow Creek, CA and it literally blew up social media! [I made the journey to the mecca of bigfootery, Bluff Creek on 08/31/14 during my time at the event] We entered it into Sundance but alas, it wasn’t chosen. Now, it’s entered into 4 other festivals! The screenplay has been started for the feature length film. In September, I traveled to my old stompin’ grounds (Portland, OR) to meet up with Dom Orozco, Gerald Morris Jr (directors of EVE, the short film) and Megan Hurt-Ems (their writing partner) to collaborate on how to start it up. It will be everything I hoped for and more. As soon as we get the screenplay done, we market it. I have my eye on a new company run by a cool, southern belle. Details forthcoming.

In the meantime, the third book in the Elusive Trilogy, ELUSIVE, is kicking my brain around the planet and back. I think this will be the best of the three. Publication is slated for spring of 2015.

I also attended my very first bigfoot conference as a vendor. Sasquatch Summit 2014 in Ocean Shores, WA was verrrrrrrrry interesting. Hehe

Happy New Year! 2015 is going to be full of surprises, I can feel it. 😀


Greetings from Santa Cruz County!


I’m writing this from a very soggy Felton, California in the Santa Cruz Mountains. This is one area of possible activity I hadn’t yet visited so here I am! I have to say that upon arrival earlier in the week I was thinking to myself: no way could there be any bigfoots in this area. There are too many bloody people! Even in Felton! I went into Santa Cruz (just 7 miles away), driving through spectacular windy roads shrouded by redwoods. Santa Cruz was extremely congested and reminded me of many other coastal towns in southern California. This area is just outside Silicon Valley so I guess deep down I knew it would be crowded.

Anyway, I went to Big Basin Redwoods State Park about 17 miles from Felton. It was beautiful and tranquil–full of gigantic sequoias and redwoods. I hiked in solitude for about 10 miles, exploring different areas and venturing to a waterfall. I photographed the print above but it’s likely just a regular boot print. On my way back to my cabin, I stopped by The Bigfoot Discovery Museum run by Mike Rugg. I spent a couple of hours with him. What a treat. He is exceedingly knowledgeable and has quite the research going on here complete with a map of all locals sightings–he even shared some footage and audio of purported bigfoots with me. He also single handedly convinced me of the possibility of a bigfoot “pocket” here in Santa Cruz, stating they migrate from the south and are already habituated to humans. I’m intrigued enough to come back for more 🙂

On a final note, our short film EVE didn’t make the cut at Sundance 2015. There were over 12,000 entries with less than 2% chosen. Next, we will enter it into the Dallas International Film Festival. Work is underway on the screenplay, too!

Happy Holidays everyone! I’m delighted to say that our fan page on Facebook has surpassed 1000 LIKES! There will be drawings for signed books soon.