EVE production meeting!

EVE production meeting!

The talented members of CASK STUDIOS meet to discuss the script and scenes for the upcoming short film of EVE. Filming begins the week of June 9th! Additionally, myself and EVE’s director, Dom Orozco, will be on two radios shows next week – The Big Thicket Watch and The Bigfoot Field Reporter. Stay tuned for links to both shows coming up.

It Could Be Real….

Take a listen to the famous Steven Streufert of Willow Creek, CA discuss his thoughts and views on bigfootery and all things sasquatch-y. Steven is owner of Bigfoot Books and has done extensive work on verifying the exact location of the Patterson-Gimlin Film site at Bluff Creek. Steven is also the editor of IRON MOUNTAIN RIDGE.

Do You Think Bigfoot Is Patient?

[Image credit Sasquatch Daily]
I wonder… they gotta be! Patiently avoiding humans. Patiently avoiding civilization. Patiently waiting to be left alone. Patiently watching us. Intriguing, eh? I explore their traits more fully in IRON MOUNTAIN RIDGE, the second installment of The Elusive Trilogy.

Well, I wish I could be more patient! I’m having WordPress help with the PayPal buttons. You’ll be able to get the books here soon, I promise. I mean, if they can’t figure it out… well, forget it!