Do You Think Bigfoot Is Patient?

[Image credit Sasquatch Daily]
I wonder… they gotta be! Patiently avoiding humans. Patiently avoiding civilization. Patiently waiting to be left alone. Patiently watching us. Intriguing, eh? I explore their traits more fully in IRON MOUNTAIN RIDGE, the second installment of The Elusive Trilogy.

Well, I wish I could be more patient! I’m having WordPress help with the PayPal buttons. You’ll be able to get the books here soon, I promise. I mean, if they can’t figure it out… well, forget it!

6 thoughts on “Do You Think Bigfoot Is Patient?

  1. This is awesome, congratulations, you have come so far and you are destined for success with these endeavors!! I wish you all the best and look forward to the feature films soon to come – oh and #3 too!!!

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