The First Screen Shot From EVE!

The First Screen Shot From EVE!

From Dominic Orozco via Facebook:

“The first screenshot from the short film adaptation of the beautiful novella Eve, produced by Cask Studios and directed by Alvin G. Morris and Dominic Orozco, Executive Produced by J.M. Bailey, shot by the amazing director of photography John Hale and starring the talented Erin Elizabeth Reed and Daniel Bailey.
First AD Debra Gutjahr Hale
Second AD James Glen Tucker
Special FX Make up Ashley Smith
Hair and Make up Jamie Tippit Orozco”

There is much more to come as we get ready to release the short film, which will come out around 15 minutes! Stay tuned…. We are going to ROCK this and turn the old, slasher-type bigfoot movie genre upside down!!

They Came, and We Conquered!

They Came, and We Conquered!

We had a great time filming EVE. It was crazy, scary, tedious, hot, demanding, LONG and downright amazing. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. The final product is going to be exceptional. Thank you to the cast and crew: Erin Elizabeth Reed, Dominic Orozco, Gerald Morris Jr, Debra and John Hale, Jamie Tippit-Orozco, Ashley Smith and James Glen Tucker. Oh yeah, and D.A. Bailey ❤ Let’s DO THIS!


Finally, the day is here. The production team flies in this morning and we’re off to the mountains to make the short film, EVE. It will be an exciting week and I’ll be sure to post photos where and when I can. I’ll be signing off here for most of the time, but will have my *smart* phone with me (of course!).

CASK STUDIOS, thank you so much for this opportunity! Let’s do this!!

[If you purchase books from here this week, they will be mailed out Tuesday, June 17th]

Have a great week everybody! I know I will! 🙂

JM Bailey