Here is the short film!

EVE: A Short Film Adaptation

Based on the novella Eve (2012) by J.M. Bailey
A Long Road Film Company and J.M Bailey production (All rights reserved, 2014)
Directed by Dominic Orozco and Alvin G. Morris Jr.

Anna McLain, a woman lost to her own world, finds herself in a serious situation. While exploring one more wilderness road before heading home, she soon finds herself stranded on a remote road in the wilds of the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California. After an anxious night alone, she comes face to face with a newly confirmed species that was once only a legend. Terrified, yet drawn to her deepest obsession, she is taken on a journey so incredible, her life will never be the same.

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Eve and the sequel, Iron Mountain Ridge, are both available on Amazon and all major e-retailers.

Finally! The short film EVE…..

EVE Sundance BTS Anna and EVE

Today is the day! EVE will be released permanently on Vimeo – FREE! It has been entered in Sundance, too. I will post the link here later today under the tab “The Film”……….. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this amazing thing. Your love of Anna and Eve’s story is the greatest blessing I have ever received.

JM Bailey


Back from a fabulous – if not exhausting – trip to Willow Creek and the Bigfoot Days Festival. We released the first cut of EVE and the response was overwhelming. It’s a beautiful thing. We are working now to get the song at the end, Letters From the Sky, added to the film for good.

Steven Streufert (editor of Iron Mountain Ridge), owner of Bigfoot Books and Jamie Schutmutt took myself, Gunnar Monson (purveyor of Sasquatch Coffee Company) and his friend, Jes Sothern, to Bluff Creek! Steven and Jamie are part of the Bluff Creek Trail Cam Project. They have deployed several trail cams at the exact location of the Patterson-Gimlin film. I actually walked the path Patti did 🙂 It was surreal… beautifully so. It was a hell journey getting there but one I can now cross off my bucket list.

Next up? EVE will be entered into the Sundance Film Festival this week!