What do you get when you put four crazy and creative people in a weird, beautiful and fascinating place like Portland, Oregon? Also, a trip to where the opening scenes of the Stephen King cult classic The Shining were filmed?? (Timberline Lodge)


FIFTY scenes/flashbacks/transitions for the feature length adaptation of EVE . Myself, Dom Orozco, Gerald Morris Jr. and Megan Hurt Emms collaborated on bringing Anna and Eve to “life” (for lack of a better phrase). We also cast our main characters and looked at filming in Oregon – California is crazy expensive to film in. Thanks for that, Hollywood >(

The next step is writing the screenplay. After that, we send the script to the actors we chose in hopes one will accept and write a “letter of intent” stating they will accept the role. This will make the screenplay very marketable to bigger film companies. You see, we aren’t going to do a Kick Starter or Go Fund Me endeavor. We’re going for the gusto. We also have Sundance………… if we get even a showing (a SELECTION would be incredible!!) of EVE there, it will give us tremendous marketing power. We still hope to be in preproduction by next spring……….

That’s it for now. Look for another update soon! Plus, you know what time of year it’s getting to be…. That means some great deals on the books!!


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