Sasquatch Summit 2014


I just returned from the 2014 Sasquatch Summit held in Ocean Shores, Washington. I’ve been to one other conference as an attendee. This time, I went as a vendor, which was a lot of work but loads of fun. I was able to meet some wonderful people, including some GREAT fans!!

Unfortunately, I didn’t really have time to listen to the speakers as I was located in the hallway outside of the conference room where the summit was held. I did manage to hear the most controversial one – that of Todd Standing. I won’t go into the details of his “speech” – video is posted on social media. I did meet him as he wandered around the vendors. I’m not shy, and said to him something to effect of: “Mr. Standing, I hear you’re going to cause some controversy.” To which he replied (with a smile), “that’s what I do.” Then I attempted to sell him my books. Hehehe

All I will say is this: if Mr. Standing thinks the scrutiny over his alleged evidence will subside because of certain associations, he is mistaken. In fact, the scrutiny will increase and the associative persons will now be included. If that is or was the intent, mission accomplished. There has been a great deal of discussion and challenges since. I’m sure there will be more to come. There are also a number of diligent persons taking hard looks into Standing’s claims and his background (and have been for a number of years). Persons who are more than qualified to conduct investigations and research.

Maybe one day, the real truth will be told. We can all hope so anyway, right?

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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What’s Happening?


I just registered for Sasquatch Summit 2014 in Ocean Shores, WA November 21-23! I will be at a vendor table with Gunnar Monson of Sasquatch Coffee. What goes better together than delicious coffee and a great sasquatch book? There will be some great speakers, too. Should be a great time……

ELUSIVE, the third and final (?) book is well underway. Here is an excerpt. Enjoy!:

[Copyright J.M. Bailey, 2014. All rights reserved]

Here, Anna has finally found the courage to show a little secret to Eve and Me-aka. Only Eve wants nothing to do with it……….

“Let me up! You aren’t getting my phone.” I twisted in her grip and felt my arms burn in her grasp. “Bay-rah,” it was Me-aka. She began chattering softly to her mother in an obvious placating manner. Slowly, Eve loosened her grip and blood screamed back through my veins down to my hands. They throbbed badly. The bruises would be epic. Finally, she snarled one last time and righted herself in split second, leaving me in a mound huddled under her seven foot frame. Me-aka rushed to me and helped me off the ground. Eve and I glared at each other. Then, she did the unthinkable: raising her chin, Eve let out a blast of odor so strong, I stumbled back, gasping for air. It wasn’t just a putrid, rotten egg smell, it was rotting, dead flesh. I gagged forcefully, ready to vomit. Me-aka stood to the side.
Next, Eve upped the ante and I was completely immobilized. I cringed inside as she moved toward me, hand outstretched.”