The End of an Interesting Year!

beard guy

[Image credit unknown]

Putting a negative spin on the world may make it look cool but really it’s really just to hide things. And WOW did the “bigfoot community” show it’s true negativity this past year, eh? From extreme trolling to fake and abundant hoaxing to the Canadian who thought his 15 minutes of fame would span 15 years or more, there’s been no lack of entertainment.

There’s been much ado about all of it on the internet and social media and I won’t belabor any more of it here. There are more important things to focus on. 2014 saw the publication of IRON MOUNTAIN RIDGE, the sequel to EVE. It also saw the production of the short film, EVE by Cask Studios/Long Road Film Company. What a blast that was! Filmed in the Tahoe National Forest of northern California, we managed to put together a 20 minute AWESOME film in just 3 days. The first release was at the end of August while I was at Bigfoot Days in Willow Creek, CA and it literally blew up social media! [I made the journey to the mecca of bigfootery, Bluff Creek on 08/31/14 during my time at the event] We entered it into Sundance but alas, it wasn’t chosen. Now, it’s entered into 4 other festivals! The screenplay has been started for the feature length film. In September, I traveled to my old stompin’ grounds (Portland, OR) to meet up with Dom Orozco, Gerald Morris Jr (directors of EVE, the short film) and Megan Hurt-Ems (their writing partner) to collaborate on how to start it up. It will be everything I hoped for and more. As soon as we get the screenplay done, we market it. I have my eye on a new company run by a cool, southern belle. Details forthcoming.

In the meantime, the third book in the Elusive Trilogy, ELUSIVE, is kicking my brain around the planet and back. I think this will be the best of the three. Publication is slated for spring of 2015.

I also attended my very first bigfoot conference as a vendor. Sasquatch Summit 2014 in Ocean Shores, WA was verrrrrrrrry interesting. Hehe

Happy New Year! 2015 is going to be full of surprises, I can feel it. 😀


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