The FEAR Factor

William maye

So, the new year brings new adventures.

I’m planning a return trip to the coastal redwoods in extreme northwestern California. It’s an amazing place up there–wild, remote, uninhabited, and a place where many alleged bigfoot encounters have been documented. As I continue to do research for the last book, ELUSIVE, I’m trying to re-capture the “magic” and mystery of EVE. I’m not sure I want “magic” now. Mystery? Of course.

In continuing the research and reading for ELUSIVE, I’ve gone down a harsh road reading and listening to encounters that have aggressive elements. It’s scary and disturbing to hear some of these alleged incidents. Is that the kind of mystery I want? I started off with plenty of that in EVE. However, as I progressed, I definitely went down the human-like path with the bigfoots. Otherwise, I felt it would become too monstrous. Is there a happy medium? I have no idea! I like to think I captured a good essence in my books but no one really knows, right? I mean, my books are fiction. Sure, you hear about people who claim this or that, but until we have definitive proof of their existence, only then can we begin to document their behavior.

I just did a post on Facebook regarding how better to prepare oneself for a possible encounter. I’m a soloist, which means I rarely go out in the woods with others. Usually, it’s just me. Risky? Yep. But it’s the way I choose to roll. Now that I’ve heard/read some alleged encounters with aggression, I’m not so sure….

I’m a risk taker. As I tell my husband at opportune moments: “If something happens to me while I’m out on one of my excursions, just know I was doing it the way I wanted!” That doesn’t mean there won’t be a fear factor involved.

Till next time.

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