And Suddenly….


[Photo by JM Bailey]

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Life can get so crazy!

I’m knee deep in editing ELUSIVE (a special shout-out to Megan Hurt-Ems for all her assistance!) and it’s coming along in a spectacular fashion. I think (hope) this will be the best so far. I promised a new excerpt this weekend so here you go! In this chapter, Anna’s husband David is following a giant sasquatch’s trail in hopes it will lead to his wife. On the way, the sasquatch catches a giant fish, which makes David think he can do the same. Enjoy!

Copyright 2015 J.M. Bailey. All rights reserved.

“One day, they camped near a lake. David watched as the sasquatch entered the water, wading in to chest level. At first, David thought he would bathe but then in a flash of movement, the giant creature pulled up a huge Kokanee—a land-locked salmon. It must have been a twenty pounder! David became excited for fresh fish, waiting hungrily by the water’s edge. David’s jaw dropped and he shook his head in exasperation as he watched the entire fish be devoured with no offer to share. Once the idea of fresh salmon was presented, David could think of nothing else the entire afternoon. Taking the time to bathe and wash out some clothes, David’s engineering brain calculated the odds of getting his own salmon with no real gear. He tried anyway. Rigging up some twine, he used a safety pin and curved it into a large hook. Using a sturdy branch and some berries as bait, David cast the line out and waited. He got a few nibbles before a giant tug almost ripped the branch from his hand. Struggling with his hokey fishing pole, David knew the likelihood of landing the fish was slim. Cursing under his breath, he fought until the line whipped back smack into his face with such speed, David toppled onto his butt. Before he could recover, he realized the beast was off to the side of him, watching. The huge sasquatch huffed in amusement and walked off.”