The Long Road with Rival Studios


Two years ago, my world changed. It wasn’t just that I had published a wildly popular bigfoot book (EVE), though that rocked my world pretty good. It was also that the book – the story – had captured the attention of a production studio. The main dude, Dominic Orozco, was enthralled with Anna and Eve’s journey. How utterly cool is that in and of itself? The next thing he did was blow my mind: he wanted to option EVE for the big screen. SAY WHAT?? O.M.G and WTH along with a myriad of other disbelieving sayings and acronyms flooded my brain. I could barely comprehend that this little story, this burst of crazy imagination from me, could become a FILM?? :O

We’ve come a long way since then. We (Cask Studios/Long Road Film Company) made a short film in June, 2014, which had over 50,000 views on the internet and was entered into several film festivals. It’s a fabulous piece and it gave everyone a taste of Eve and Anna’s existence. [You can see the film here – click on “The Film” tab!] Next, we started mapping out the screenplay, scene by scene. Now, we’re in the big league. The script will be done in just of couple of weeks by Dominic! He was co-director on the short and his vision for the film is simply stunning. We even have our cast selected. After that? We pitch our product. I may be biased but if ever a bigfoot film should be made, it’s EVE.

Thank you to everyone who has made this such a joyful and exciting success. Here’s to the feature film!

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