A Journey of Discovery


[Image by Thomas Finley]

“Hello?” It came out a hoarse whisper. Nothing but the wind. My thoughts pulsed with denial. It wasn’t real. It was gone. It was a stump. I had just greeted an inanimate object.

I pushed myself, still keeping my eyes averted, and said louder, “Hello, I’m Anna.” My breath caught as I heard the smallest rustle.

Oh God. It moved.

It was deliberate stealth, just the slightest shift and turn. The air around me seemed to shimmer, and a deep quaking gripped my body as I shook uncontrollably. A puff of wind hit my face, and I smelled the most rancid, curdling stench creeping up my nose and down my throat. My gorge rose and I gagged, fighting the urge to violently vomit.

No doubt now. This was the real deal. Their smell was famously documented.

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