J.M. Bailey, author of EVE (2012), IRON MOUNTAIN RIDGE (2014), and ELUSIVE (2015) – The Elusive Trilogy –  is a life-long Sasquatch enthusiast and spends every available moment she can in the wilderness… seeking whatever it is that is out there. She lives with her husband in Southern Oregon.

Her first book, EVE (2012) started the journey of Anna McLain, her anxious but determined protagonist. Anna finds herself in the most amazing situation of her entire life when, while out exploring, she gets stuck on a high mountain road and encounters the legendary creature known as Sasquatch. She is taken on a journey so incredible her life will never be the same!

After the exciting success of EVE, J.M. started the sequel that eventually became the plan for three books and The Elusive Trilogy was born.  The second installment, IRON MOUNTAIN RIDGE (2014), picks up where Anna left at the end of EVE. Now, she is determined to find her way back to continue her “mission.” The final book, titled ELUSIVE, concludes Anna’s life-changing journey… or does it?

EVE has been optioned by Long Road Film Company to be adapted into a screenplay for a feature film. J.M. and her partners at Long Road in conjunction with Elusive LLC have produced a short film titled EVE. The film was shot on location in the rugged Sierra-Nevada Mountains of Northern California. The books are available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, along with all other major e-retailers. Click on “Buy the Books” to get your very own signed copies!




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