Sasquatch Summit 2014


I just returned from the 2014 Sasquatch Summit held in Ocean Shores, Washington. I’ve been to one other conference as an attendee. This time, I went as a vendor, which was a lot of work but loads of fun. I was able to meet some wonderful people, including some GREAT fans!!

Unfortunately, I didn’t really have time to listen to the speakers as I was located in the hallway outside of the conference room where the summit was held. I did manage to hear the most controversial one – that of Todd Standing. I won’t go into the details of his “speech” – video is posted on social media. I did meet him as he wandered around the vendors. I’m not shy, and said to him something to effect of: “Mr. Standing, I hear you’re going to cause some controversy.” To which he replied (with a smile), “that’s what I do.” Then I attempted to sell him my books. Hehehe

All I will say is this: if Mr. Standing thinks the scrutiny over his alleged evidence will subside because of certain associations, he is mistaken. In fact, the scrutiny will increase and the associative persons will now be included. If that is or was the intent, mission accomplished. There has been a great deal of discussion and challenges since. I’m sure there will be more to come. There are also a number of diligent persons taking hard looks into Standing’s claims and his background (and have been for a number of years). Persons who are more than qualified to conduct investigations and research.

Maybe one day, the real truth will be told. We can all hope so anyway, right?

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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What’s Happening?


I just registered for Sasquatch Summit 2014 in Ocean Shores, WA November 21-23! I will be at a vendor table with Gunnar Monson of Sasquatch Coffee. What goes better together than delicious coffee and a great sasquatch book? There will be some great speakers, too. Should be a great time……

ELUSIVE, the third and final (?) book is well underway. Here is an excerpt. Enjoy!:

[Copyright J.M. Bailey, 2014. All rights reserved]

Here, Anna has finally found the courage to show a little secret to Eve and Me-aka. Only Eve wants nothing to do with it……….

“Let me up! You aren’t getting my phone.” I twisted in her grip and felt my arms burn in her grasp. “Bay-rah,” it was Me-aka. She began chattering softly to her mother in an obvious placating manner. Slowly, Eve loosened her grip and blood screamed back through my veins down to my hands. They throbbed badly. The bruises would be epic. Finally, she snarled one last time and righted herself in split second, leaving me in a mound huddled under her seven foot frame. Me-aka rushed to me and helped me off the ground. Eve and I glared at each other. Then, she did the unthinkable: raising her chin, Eve let out a blast of odor so strong, I stumbled back, gasping for air. It wasn’t just a putrid, rotten egg smell, it was rotting, dead flesh. I gagged forcefully, ready to vomit. Me-aka stood to the side.
Next, Eve upped the ante and I was completely immobilized. I cringed inside as she moved toward me, hand outstretched.”

Why the Craziness??


[Image credit Thomas Finley]

I have over 700 “friends” on Facebook and followers on Twitter. Most of them are VERY cool and a lot are fans of the books. However, I’ve noticed an alarming increase in communication from people who prescribe to conspiracy theories, blobsquatchaholism, and outright craziness. I normally don’t engage with them except on the most cursory of levels. However, there were a couple of recent posts/engagements that I could not let go: Flying bigfoots and rocksquatches abounded! Oh! What was I to do? Those of you who know me know I am very outspoken. This is where the success of the books has helped me. I have found a tremendous vein of patience, which is refreshing and wonderful – for everyone involved!!

But, no more. If you want to espouse about what you “see” and “know” without substantiation or with photos of normal, everyday forest stuff that you claim is or from hundreds of bigfoots, not to mention the infamous PAREIDOLIA… go ahead. You just won’t be able to do it on my time. I’ve had enough and you just cannot reason with crazy.

I go out in the woods a lot…. Likely more than the majority of people involved in bigfootery. I see many strange things that I would LOVE to attribute to sasquatch. It’s Occam’s razor, which states: “that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.” That sooooo doesn’t apply to the world of bigfoot, now does it?

Enough about the dysfunction of our “community!” Let’s give away some books, eh? THREE years ago, the story of Anna and Eve was born! And now we are headed for the big screen. How CRAZY is that? It’s the kind of crazy you CAN reason with 🙂 Come give the page a LIKE to be entered for a drawing this weekend:




What do you get when you put four crazy and creative people in a weird, beautiful and fascinating place like Portland, Oregon? Also, a trip to where the opening scenes of the Stephen King cult classic The Shining were filmed?? (Timberline Lodge)


FIFTY scenes/flashbacks/transitions for the feature length adaptation of EVE . Myself, Dom Orozco, Gerald Morris Jr. and Megan Hurt Emms collaborated on bringing Anna and Eve to “life” (for lack of a better phrase). We also cast our main characters and looked at filming in Oregon – California is crazy expensive to film in. Thanks for that, Hollywood >(

The next step is writing the screenplay. After that, we send the script to the actors we chose in hopes one will accept and write a “letter of intent” stating they will accept the role. This will make the screenplay very marketable to bigger film companies. You see, we aren’t going to do a Kick Starter or Go Fund Me endeavor. We’re going for the gusto. We also have Sundance………… if we get even a showing (a SELECTION would be incredible!!) of EVE there, it will give us tremendous marketing power. We still hope to be in preproduction by next spring……….

That’s it for now. Look for another update soon! Plus, you know what time of year it’s getting to be…. That means some great deals on the books!!



Here is the short film!

EVE: A Short Film Adaptation

Based on the novella Eve (2012) by J.M. Bailey
A Long Road Film Company and J.M Bailey production (All rights reserved, 2014)
Directed by Dominic Orozco and Alvin G. Morris Jr.

Anna McLain, a woman lost to her own world, finds herself in a serious situation. While exploring one more wilderness road before heading home, she soon finds herself stranded on a remote road in the wilds of the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California. After an anxious night alone, she comes face to face with a newly confirmed species that was once only a legend. Terrified, yet drawn to her deepest obsession, she is taken on a journey so incredible, her life will never be the same.

Follow the journey at

Eve and the sequel, Iron Mountain Ridge, are both available on Amazon and all major e-retailers.

Finally! The short film EVE…..

EVE Sundance BTS Anna and EVE

Today is the day! EVE will be released permanently on Vimeo – FREE! It has been entered in Sundance, too. I will post the link here later today under the tab “The Film”……….. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this amazing thing. Your love of Anna and Eve’s story is the greatest blessing I have ever received.

JM Bailey


Back from a fabulous – if not exhausting – trip to Willow Creek and the Bigfoot Days Festival. We released the first cut of EVE and the response was overwhelming. It’s a beautiful thing. We are working now to get the song at the end, Letters From the Sky, added to the film for good.

Steven Streufert (editor of Iron Mountain Ridge), owner of Bigfoot Books and Jamie Schutmutt took myself, Gunnar Monson (purveyor of Sasquatch Coffee Company) and his friend, Jes Sothern, to Bluff Creek! Steven and Jamie are part of the Bluff Creek Trail Cam Project. They have deployed several trail cams at the exact location of the Patterson-Gimlin film. I actually walked the path Patti did 🙂 It was surreal… beautifully so. It was a hell journey getting there but one I can now cross off my bucket list.

Next up? EVE will be entered into the Sundance Film Festival this week!

Off to Bigfoot Days Festival!

Bigfoot Days 2014

Heading to Willow Creek, California today to attend the 2014 Bigfoot Days Festival. I’ll have a vendor booth along with Gunnar Monson of The Sasquatch Coffee Company! Should be loads of fun….. 🙂 I also plan to visit Bluff Creek (of course) and hike a bit in the Marble Mountains Wilderness. This area of California is spectacular – redwoods, rivers, forests so thick you literally can’t see the forest for the trees – it’s truly Bigfoot country.

The short film EVE will be released via Vimeo this weekend, too! I’ve seen the finished product and it is truly beautiful. Sometimes, I just have to pinch myself to know this is really happening because if someone had told me just three years ago that I would be at this point in my life, I would have told them to get some professional help.

When you have a vision and it won’t go away, you have a choice: ignore it or go for it! I chose to follow mine and the path led me here. Life it too short not to chase your dreams… and I am eternally grateful for all those who have helped along the way, and for the incredible talent involved in the film.

This, is a game changer 🙂